Pledge Success!

The Organizing Pledge for Third Culture Kids has now CLOSED.

"I support the urgent need to save our TCK community
and give a sense of belonging to others."

Deadline to sign-up: September 25th. Target: 200 people.
(Results: 306 advocates and 412 stories in 2 weeks.)

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Comments on this pledge:

I have signed the pledge, forwarded the challenge to 50+ of my TCK friends, and made a donation in gratitude for all the other volunteers tirelessly do to provide this important platform to us all. I encourage YOU to also get involved! :)

Lisa Marie Laegreid, 3 days ago (Report)


Dear fellow TCKs,

TCKid is a valuable resource to TCKs and those desiring to serve them. As an adult third culture kid working in Asia, serving over 2000 TCKs, I know that I want to see the work and resources of TCKid continue.

My father, David Pollock, who co-wrote the ground-breaking book Third Culture Kids with Ruth Van Reken, spent 26 years listening to, teaching, and caring for third culture kids everywhere. I feel strongly that he would fully support TCKid and the support and encouragement this site provides.

There are many more TCKs to reach. Let's not allow the onslaught of a few to prevent the good of many!

Yours Truly,
Michael Pollock

Michael Pollock, 1 week ago (Report)


I am a 45 year old TCK and have been really looking for a community and cause which I can truly dedicate myself to. I read the TCK book by David Pollock and Ruth Van Reken several years ago and was really inspired, however it wasn't until I stumbled across the TCKID website that I felt there was any sort of opportunites to be involved in TCK related activities.

Timothy Lingle, 1 week ago (Report)


I am a mom of 4 TCKs - we have lived in Eastern Europe for 10 years, and have just recently returned to the states. TCK information has been vitally important for the emotional health of my own children. I have shared countless times over the years with others who also have TCKs. This is an invaluable organization.

Lisa Runzo, Colorado Springs, 1 week ago (Report)

Why Over 100 People Support The Pledge


A Major Step

A couple of weeks ago, we challenged you to identify supporters to save your TCKID community. The goal of the Organizing Pledge isn't just to save TCKID which has recently been attacked by hackers, but it was an effort to identify and mobilize advocates for your Third Culture Kid community.

What did the pledge accomplish?

Over 306 individuals responded to this challenge in just two weeks and sent 412 stories explaining why they support the pledge.

There's a big difference between a Third Culture Kid and a supporter of TCKs. This pledge identified supporters who are taking action to shape your community.

"I see this attack as a wake up call, to get more involved and to start a new way, shaping the community the way we like it to be. "
– Yu Yu Din

"TCKid really gave me a sense of belonging knowing that there are so many out there who truly understand, support and provide the kind of feedback and insight that only other TCKs can give."
- Nioucha

"TCKID is a movement whose impact on the internationally mobile community has been profound!!"
- Paulette Bethel


Hundreds of you signed pledges of support, made phone calls, made donations, and talked to your friends and neighbors about why you support this pledge. You showed that ordinary people are demanding to take ownership of our community and are willing to work for it.


On Blogs:
Save TCKID, our TCK community by Ruth Van Reken

"I am a Third Culture Kid advocate" by Erin Sinogba

On Youtube:

Michelle Kim's video:

On Twitter:
cam_writes Third culture kids find their roots not in places, but in people. I want my #tckid

erinsinogba Read why hundreds of TCKs and allies support the pledge. #tckid

on Facebook:

"I pledged, made a small donation, posted
the link to my Wall and on the Ankara High School
Connections Facebook group."


But that's when the real work begins -- the work that will bring a more sustainable and connected online and offline community to every cross cultural people of all ages, parents, teachers and friends and bring about a renewed sense of commitment, hope, and responsibility.

Thank you for everything you've done.


brice royer

Brice Royer, Ruth Van Reken, Daniela Tudor, Erin Sinogba, Michelle Kim & the TCKID community.

ruth van rekenthird culture kids
"Thank you to the whole community for your incredible gifts."
- Ruth Van Reken





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