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TCKid Kicks Off Interview Series with Ruth Van Reken

This was the first interview of TCKid Talks: An interview series with movers and shakers from the third culture and cross cultural community. This was an exclusive interview with Ruth Van Reken and Michael V Pollock. We will continue the dialogue on, which Ruth Van Reken and Michael Pollock will join from time to time. Please stay tuned for upcoming interviews. Thank you for watching!

Ruth Van Reken and Myra Dumpias, Executive Director of TCKid, among other amazing speakers such as filmmaker Rahul Gandotra, are also part of an interview series by Land on Your Feet!, LLC Founder Dr. Paulette Bethel's Lost in Transition: 28 Breakthrough Interviews to Help You Create an Amazing Global Life Telesummit! Click here for more information - (link here).

LLC founder, Dr. Paulette Bethel's Lost in Transition: 28 Breakthrough Interviews to Help You Create an Amazing Global Life Telesummit!

Please see line up below and click here to register. (free live broadcast)

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"I don’t have many places that I feel I belong to. My house is not a home. I feel at home at TCKID. ” Aya N. Tokyo, Japan

"Third Culture Kids are the prototype citizens of the future." -Ted Ward, sociologist, 1984

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Ruth E. Van Reken, Dr. Paulette Bethel, Robin Pascoe, Margie Ulsh and Cross Cultural Experts.

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